To "Team Up" with other organizations and concerned citizens to maintain abundant, clean water for our continued health, enjoyment and a strong economy.  


 Itasca Water Legacy Partnership (IWLP) is a unique blend of public agencies and private citizens all working towards the same goal.  Those water quality advocates came together in late 2006 to identify and implement a set of activities that would maintain the clean water resources and quality habitat in the six major watersheds of Itasca County.  The group solicited organizational assistance from the Blandin Foundation and, in January of 2009, Itasca Water Legacy Partnership (IWLP) elected its first Board of Directors.  In 2011, IWLP became a 501c3 organization.   

Board of Directors PhotoIWLP Board of Directors for 2016:  

Front Row:  Moriya Rufer, Pat Leistikow, Katie Hopkins, Shirley Loegering, Patty Gould-St. Aubin

Middle Row:  Kathy Cone, John Downing, Jan Sandberg, Andy Arens, Eric Raitanen, Bill Grantges

Back Row:  Grant Prokop, Dave Lick, Bill Marshall, Dennis Anderson, Davin Tinquist, Dan Swenson

Not Pictured:  John Zimmerman and Dan Steward

As said by Harold Dziuk, one of the original Board members and now Emeritus Board Member, “Partnerships Matter” and that is reflected in the many partners who collaborated on the more than $1.5M in grants received between 2008-2015.  Technical services of experienced scientists, aquatic plant ecologists and aquatic biologists provided the necessary skills required to develop objective science-based criteria to develop plans for priority resource protection efforts.

The first focus was to collect water samples from Itasca County lakes that previously had not been sampled and to provide incentives to assist lakeshore owners in enhancing and restoring native shoreland buffers.  IWLP plans to expand on that research through future grants and has greatly expanded their educational efforts through initiating the Youth Water Summit and programs for adults.

Get to know our Board members by reading their bios here.   


Board of Directors  

IWLP is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors who come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  The full Board meets quarterly and the Executive Committee, consisting of the officers and committee chairs, meets on a monthly basis.  The board consists of both voting and non-voting technical advisors.

IWLP does not have any paid administrative staff and appreciates all of the volunteers who so generously step forward to assist with special projects.