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Aquatic Invasive Species

The issue of Aquatic Invasive Species, or AIS, has developed into a serious problem in Minnesota over the past several years. The problem has spread from lake to lake and in rivers across the state, and now exists in several lakes in Itasca County and in the Mississippi.  AIS can impact water quality, fishing, boating, and property values.  

In Itasca County, the Soil and Water Conservation District manages AIS issues.  This link will take you to the SWCD website AIS page, which contains an up to date interactive map with locations and descriptions of all invasive species sites in Itasca County.  Note: make sure you give the map time to fully load on your device. 

Itasca County SWCD Aquatic Invasive Species

Click here for the latest Itasca County SWCD AIS Control and Monitoring Report.

Itasca County SWCD AIS Report

Here are other links that will help you recognize AIS and show you good procedures for keeping them out of your lake.


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Itasca County AIS Program

Photos by Mary Shideler