Private Forest Management

The Minnesota DNR Forest Stewardship Program helps woodland owners manage their woods through advice and education, cost-share programs, and Woodland Stewardship Plans. The DNR works through a statewide network of DNR, public, and private foresters specially trained in forest stewardship. The DNR program is ready to help you achieve your woodland goals, whether it is to create wildlife habitat, increase natural beauty, improve trails, enhance environmental benefits, or harvest timber.

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Where can I find information about the DNR’s Forest Stewardship Program?

Is there a training curriculum available for private woodland owners interested in becoming better stewards of their woods?

Where can I find an approved list of consulting foresters who can write a stewardship plan for my woods?

Is there a reference handbook about the region of Minnesota in which I live, that explains forest related challenges in my area and tips for managing my woods?  

I am looking for a landowner organization that focuses on engaging women in woodland management.

Is there money available to help share the costs of forest stewardship projects on my land?

Where can I find information about the Sustainable Forest Initiative Act (SFIA) and its annual incentive payment program for forest management?

What are conservation easements and where can I get more information about them?

Who do I contact in my area about the Minnesota Forest Stewardship Program?

How do I apply for a 2c Managed Forest in order for me to obtain a special classification tax rate?


Itasca County Shoreland Guide To Lake Stewardship - (pdf 2.9MB)

Private Forestry Management Itasca Waters

Photos by Mary Shideler